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Threatsys’s Deepak Kumar Nath on how companies can predict cyber-attacks ?

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In an exclusive interview, Mr. Nath claims that his company can anticipate breaches and cyberattacks, providing an advantage for cybersecurity teams over malicious attackers.

Cybersecurity professionals face an ongoing struggle to stay up-to-date with the rapidly changing security threat environment. Despite having access to advanced technology and security solutions, data breaches continue to occur and it has become a matter of timing, not if, they will happen.
In an exclusive conversation, Deepak Kumar Nath, Founder and CEO at Threatsys Technologies Private Limited, confirms that they have the ability to anticipate data breaches, thereby providing a strategic advantage for the cybersecurity team over malevolent hackers.

What changes has the cybersecurity industry undergone over time?

The cybersecurity industry has undergone significant evolution over the years as technology has advanced and the threat landscape has changed. In the early days, cybersecurity primarily focused on protecting against viruses and other types of malwares that could harm individual computers. However, as the Internet became more widespread and interconnected, the scope of cybersecurity expanded to include protection for networks, servers, and entire organizations.

With the rise of cloud computing, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT), the attack surface for cybercriminals has grown exponentially, leading to a corresponding increase in the importance of cybersecurity. This has driven the development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud-based security solutions, as well as the creation of specialized cybersecurity roles such as threat intelligence analysts and incident responders. The evolution of the cybersecurity industry continues to accelerate as the threat landscape evolves and technology advances.

Tell us about Threatsys Technologies Private Limited

Threatsys is a leading and trusted cyber security Consulting Partner that specializes in securing the IT infrastructure and assets of the leading enterprises globally. We started our journey in 2013 as a cybersecurity service provider with the name of “Global Tech Promoters” we offered into IT, ITes services, Cyber Security Training and various cyber security services including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing. But with the demand and growth our company, we have started Threatsys Technologies Private Limited as 360 Degree Cybersecurity company with cyber security testing services, managed cyber security services, cyber security compliances more to Fortune 500 companies worldwide. However, we realized that our clients required dynamic and real-time cyber risk management with all-in-one SOC platform. As a result, we introduce CYQER, Cyber yield Quantification for Enterprise and Reporting, that can predict the cyber-attacks, helps security operations teams to protect critical data and infrastructure from cyber threats.

What does your customer base look like ?
We have been working with leading organizations that include Government of Odisha, First Bank of Nigeria, Union Bank Kenya, Access Bank, Moore Qatar, CSM Technologies Pvt. Ltd, CEVA Limited, Nandighosh TV, HDFC Bank, AXIS Bank etc.

How can you help organizations predict the cyber attacks and breaches?
In our view, the current state of cybersecurity is flawed. It is highly reactive, siloed, and does not align with business objectives. The largest danger to corporate cybersecurity is the disconnect between security products and business units. In the digital age, organizations must secure their data regardless of where and how it is accessed. Cybersecurity teams require real-time insight into their business’ risk posture across five vectors: people, policy, technology, cybersecurity products, and third-party. They need a platform that provides a consolidated view of cyber risks on a single dashboard, along with the endpoint security, threat intelligence, security operations with log data analysis, cloud security, regulatory compliance, configuration assessment and all.

Can you explain more about your all in one SOC product “ CYQER “
Threatsys introduced it’s flagship all in one SOC Platform, CYQER, Cyber Yield Quantification for Enterprises and Reporting, SaaS based cybersecurity platform that integrates SIEM and XDR in a unique solution. One product that will come with Security Analytics, Intrusion Detection, Log Data Analysis, File Integrity Monitoring, Vulnerability Detection, Configuration Assessment, Incident Response, Regulatory Compliance such as GDPR, NIST, SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI, Cloud Security, Containers Security etc. CYQER’s network detection and response solutions brings you hybrid analytics that combines machine learning, rule-based detection and advanced threat intelligence. CYQER Provides security operations center ( SOC ) Services to help organizations build their strongest defense against cybercrime and maximize return on investment.

What are your plans for the year ahead ?
We are planning to build a strong foundation for delivering high-quality, effective security services to its customers. We are looking for business collaboration through partnership in



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