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Palestinian Man Fatally Shot as Violence Continues in Israel

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On Saturday night, a gunman opened fire on a restaurant in a settlement in the West Bank near the city of Jericho, the Israeli military said. After firing one bullet, the gunman fled the scene, the army said. No one was injured.

In several Palestinian neighborhoods in Jerusalem, clashes broke out between the Israeli police, who were armed with rubber bullets and tear gas, and Palestinians, who had stones and firecrackers, according to Palestinian media. At least one Palestinian man was shot and injured by Israeli forces during the confrontations, Wafa reported.

Israel’s new far-right government announced a number of measures on Saturday night to exact a price on Palestinian attackers and those who support them, it said. The government said it planned to expedite gun licenses for Israeli citizens, reinforce military and police units to carry out more arrests of Palestinians, and conduct operations aimed at seizing Palestinians’ weapons.

In remarks on Sunday at his weekly cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu said he wanted to expand and expedite the issuing of gun permits to thousands of Israeli civilians, including those in the rescue services. He singled out the 3,000 volunteer members of ZAKA, a search-and-rescue and paramedic organization.

“Imagine if they and others were armed,” Mr. Netanyahu said.

The recent Palestinian attacks, including Friday night’s shooting outside a synagogue and Saturday’s shooting, have targeted Israeli settlements and settlers in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The settlements are considered Illegal under international law and by much of the international community.

Mr. Netanyahu’s government said it would take steps to strengthen the settlements.

The violence has marked a bloody and deadly beginning to 2023, with the killings of at least 30 Palestinians, including five people under 18, and seven Israelis.


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