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Northeastern US girds for ‘epic’ Arctic blast

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NEW YORK: The northeastern United States was steeling itself Friday for an “epic” arctic blast that could see some areas record their lowest ever wind chill temperatures.
The National Weather Service (NWS) warned that parts of Maine state could see wind chills of minus 51 degrees Celsius (minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit).
“This is an epic, generational arctic outbreak,” the NWS office in Caribou, near Maine’s border with Canada, wrote in an advisory.
It said the chills are “something northern and eastern Maine has not seen since similar outbreaks in 1982 and 1988.”
“Most stations are forecast to see their lowest wind chills in decades or, in some cases, the lowest ever recorded,” the service added.
It warned in an advisory that frostbite to exposed skin can occur within five minutes in such conditions.
“The dangers of being caught unprepared without shelter from the elements and without proper winter survival gear cannot be stressed enough,” the service wrote.
The most extreme conditions are forecast to occur Friday night into Saturday morning, with wind chill warnings in place across much of New England.
Boston and surrounding areas are expected to receive a wind chill of minus 34 C while New York City is forecast to be minus 23 C, according to the NWS.
Warmer air is due to arrive on Sunday.


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