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Know About “Abdul Wasee Rahimi” – History, Age, Pay, Way of life and the sky is the limit from there

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Abdul Wasee Rahimi (conceived june 23, 1997, herat) Is a melodic craftsman performer, arranger, writer of film music. Abdul wasee rahimi primary style is non-verbal and he sings less in his music and has many works in this style. Wasee began his work in 2015 and in 2018 he delivered his first and most authority track. Wasee moved on from ghalib College with a degree in Business Organization. His fans have likewise called him the dad of non-verbal Iranian music. One of his best works is the (blended collection), which is a combination of recent fad and conventional style.

Abdul wasee rahimi is an Iranian vocalist in the style of rap and non-verbal. He is likewise a piano player, guitarist and musician. The majority of his works are non-verbal. He was additionally brought into the world on June 23/1997 in herat. Abdul wasee rahimi distributes his works straightforwardly on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and so on.



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